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How can you not be completely blown away by the achievements of an intensely talented 18-year-old, who is tapped into and working within the global music scene (co-writing #1 Billboard 200 charting single, “Sugar Rush Ride” this year with K-pop behemoths Tomorrow X Together) and with some of the most exciting music teams on the planet right now? All while she’s finishing up her grade 12 chemistry homework?

Mic drop.

Sofia Kay is a rising pop artist from Toronto, Canada. Sofia signed her first publishing deal at age 13, after winning several international songwriting competitions as a young teen. Sofia's supreme songwriting skills are evidenced by her credits with international music industry power houses from Big Hit Entertainment/Hybe.

Sofia’s cowritten song “Sugar Rush Ride”, the lead single off of TXT's #1 Billboard 200 album, landed on 8 international Billboard charts and was performed by the group on the Late Late Show With James Corden. She also landed cuts with TXT’s, “Way Home” and Girls' Generation's, "Summer Night” among others.

With her incredible talent and an EP set to be released this spring, Sofia Kay is poised to take the pop music world by storm.

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